Success Stories



We love our patients!

“My digestive issues began after I was born and wasn’t able to digest regular formula. I experienced trouble eating pizza and spent hours crying on the bathroom floor in unbearable agony. The prune juice, prunes, lots of water and other alternative methods only provided a band-aid solution. I was always told I was Vitamin D deficient. It wasn’t until I started to develop a skin rash and 2 ER visits in March 2017 did I finally start this lifelong ordeal I suffered long enough would start experiencing a breakthrough and have answers. After about 7 months with my first doctor, no true diagnosis was made and I was getting worse. Fast forward 5 months, I was throwing up all foods including water. With my strong faith in God, I knew there was more going on that wasn’t yet discovered. The very day I was at my worst was when I was introduced to Dr. Coop through a friend who went to high school with my older brother. He right away ordered a stool test to figure out what was causing all of these other symptoms. That was the approach Dr. Coop had with me from the beginning. Instead of waiting and see how my body would respond to a food if I was having an adverse effect, Dr. Coop would have me stop eating that food immediately. I’ve gained so much knowledge, wisdom and connection with my body since I’ve worked with Dr. Coop. I am starting to understand why and how certain foods react for my body specifically. It is so amazing how much our bodies can heal themselves when we give ourselves the nutrients we need, rest, and love that a lot of times we are so busy and forget to do. Once we completed this stool test, so much was revealed that my faith kept leading me to discover. My body was pretty much depleted of enzymes, had a leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth in my small intestines, and a large amount of inflammation from either gluten dairy or both. I couldn’t help but cry when I heard the report. More so because I knew, literally in my soul, something was wrong, and Dr. Coop listened to me with such care and empathy and wasn’t trying to medicate me and asked to see me in a month. He actually took the time to explain what was going on, tried his best to create a theory of what could have caused my condition at the time, and created a game plan of what we can do together in order to improve my health. The goal was to get my health to a state where I would have natural energy and a more sustained body. Leaning on my strong faith, determination, perseverance and loving support from my inner circle, helped me to recover in ways that still feel like a dream. In the first 6 weeks, 25 pounds dropped once I started feeding and healing my body through foods and rest and lots of self-care that was essential for my body. There were some all natural supplements I took to help support me on my health journey; however, the ingredients were compatible with my body and its chemistry. If I were to take any supplements that were synthetic or man-made, I’ve learned that would have defeated the purpose of supplementing my body’s healing journey and harmed my
body even more and possibly causing my issues to exasperate. After the first 6 weeks, I could tell my body was starting to respond to all of these wonderful changes as a child does with a mom’s voice. I started having more energy and not falling asleep during random times of the day, experiencing peace and joy more once my body was releasing the toxins more frequently, my brain clarity and function improved exponentially, emotions and periods regulated, and so much more! Even seeing friends, family, and co-workers both concerned and impressed with my journey, I always tell them I’m feeding my body with love and food it actually understands. The most amazing part of my journey is not only enjoying my food, every bite of it at a new and wonderful level, but also the restoration of
my vision. My vision is improving every day since my digestive system is getting stronger and brought to a level of functionality where the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently than ever before! Thus, resulting from those nutrients being sent to the areas of my body that have been severely nutrient deficient. I am a firm believer in divine appointments. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for the support, wisdom and never-ending encouragement since meeting and working with Dr. Coop in March 2018. This is just the beginning of my journey. Yes, I’ve lost 42 pounds since then, but there are so many more wonderful transformations that transpired as well. I feel so much better about myself through my self-talk, my self-confidence, and overall how I view my life from where I was just a few months ago. I am so excited for what is in store for me and what challenges come my way. I take the rocks and stones thrown at me, figuratively speaking of course, and put them in front of the other to overcome those obstacles. I want to encourage and empower anyone reading this to keep pushing on. Even if you are feeling against the wall and feel like giving up, I encourage you to journal, pray, call a friend, talk with Dr. Coop or connect with someone who went through the program to help you accomplish the goals you have for your health. You can break through and pass any challenge when you keep your mind and thoughts in a positive space. That’s what I had to do every moment– to remind myself of my “why”– and where I am being led on this journey. All will be well in time, keep going! I believe in you! <3” -Kat

My wife and I began our adventure with Dr. Justin Coop ten years ago…later joined by our children. We were not getting solutions to our problems through other medical means and decided upon chiropractic as a possible solution. He and his staff immediately, and ever since, made us comfortable, informed, and well. Through solving chronic issues (many of which we didn’t know we had till they were gone), and dealing with more acute ones (my frequent “gravity storms”), he has improved our lives. He has started our children down a path to lifelong good health as well, something we wish we could have had earlier. And to ice the cake, he’s a helluva a good guy to talk to as well. The man has unparalleled memory recall…proof he cares not just about your medical care, but your overall life as well.”  – Justin

Dr. Coop is the most caring understanding chiropractor I have ever met and worked with! He is great at listening to your current ailments or pains and addresses all of your problems in the most thorough and caring fashion. He is an educator and helps provide whole body health holistically. He is amazing with kids too, my kids love their adjustments! Not to mention they are sick a lot less too! I am so grateful for him and his true knowledge and the approach he uses for healing is phenomenal! I highly recommend Dr. Coop !!”  – Jennifer

Dr. Coop is someone that pays attention to the details! His integrity to do well is shown profoundly through his interactions with people daily. Every single person has a story and he knows and respects that. I had the pleasure of interning with Dr. Coop and it’s obvious about his passion regarding health and the ways that can influence someone to get better. I appreciate his work ethic and the way he cared for everyone!”  – Jon-Marc

I have been seeing Dr. Coop for several years for adjustments to my back. I had never been to a chiropractor before my first visit with Dr. Coop. He is the kindest most conscientious doctor I have ever met. He listens carefully to what is your area of concern and explains the adjustment he will do to correct it. This careful listening and explanation of treatment are not just at the first visit. It happens at every visit! Dr. Coop is a blessing. His genuine concern and care for his patients is completely natural and sets the bar for what all doctors should be trying to achieve!”  – Judy

Dr. Coop is by far the kindest and most caring doctor I have ever met. He focuses not only on the problems at hand but also on the overall health and wellness of his patients. He goes above and beyond the normal standard of care by keeping his patients informed and active in their individualized treatment plans. Before seeing Dr. Coop, I was very apprehensive about chiropractic care. However, after my first visit, I was completely at ease because Dr. Coop always takes the time to listen to my concerns and to explain the adjustments so I am comfortable with treatment. He is intuitive about the care that his patients need. Sometimes he knows the source of my pain before I do! His remarkable skills as a care provider are only increased by his warm and thoughtful character. He is truly the most genuine, compassionate, and considerate doctor that I have ever worked with.”  – Katie

Dr. Coop truly cares about each and every one of his patients. He takes the time to understand what is really going on with each individual, rather than providing the same template of care to everyone. Once a patient feels well again, he focuses on KEEPING them well. When I first started seeing him I experienced terrible motion sickness all the time, in addition to crippling anxiety. With chiropractic adjustments and a healthier lifestyle, I am nausea-free and on my way to managing my anxiety without the use of an entire medicine cabinet worth of prescriptions.”  – Brittany

I have been going to Dr. Coop for over 5 years now for chiropractic treatment. He is the best healer of mind, body, and soul. He is very patient and you really feel like he is listening to what is happening with your body. He is always anxious to hear about what other things you may be doing for better health. He loves that I stretch every morning before getting out of bed, that I go to a noon yoga class 2 times a week and is curious about any supplements I may be taking. I will surely miss him as he ventures out of his comfort zone to start his own practice in Warrenville. I will miss him but I will find him…..tee hee.”  – Donna

Dr. Coop has literally given me a quality of life I was lacking for so many years before. I’ve seen chiropractors and bodyworkers my whole life in my search for relief from structural pain. I finally have gotten that relief and will always be so thankful for that. Dr. Coop is one of the nicest and caring doctors I have ever worked with. He has a very large base of knowledge that he uses even beyond the normal chiropractic care. My husband and I drive a longer distance than most of his clients because he is so worth it. I couldn’t be happier that he is going out on his own and relocating in Warrenville. Much closer to where we live but would drive wherever was necessary! He has been a life saver for me and I can’t write enough wonderful things about him and his techniques!”  – Rosemary

Dr Coop is an incredible Chiropractor and has helped me and my family improve our health. He is always willing to take the time to listen to his patients and work with them to get them of a better/healthier quality of life. I have been blessed to have him as our families Chiropractor for the past 10 years!”  – Debbie

Dr. Justin took the time to see my kids – even on weekends – and has been reachable at “off” hours. Words can’t explain how much I appreciate all of his help. He really cares about his patients and their well-being. I have never known anyone who cares about my baby’s bowel movements as much as Dr. Justin!!”  – Sara

Dr. Coop is a great doctor because he loves what he does and it shows. Everytime I see him, I learn something new. At my wedding last year, Dr. Coop helped me to get through the day, a lot of pressure was relieved from his adjustment. Thanks Dr. Coop!”  – Mary

“Without a doubt the finest man and doctor you will meet. His sincere passion for each individuals overall health and wellness allowed my son to play basketball at full potential (from always having pain in the lower back) to keeping myself, my wife and other 2 sons living and feeling our best. Bottom line – TRUST, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION is the foundation of who Dr. Justin Coop is.”  – Lloyd

“What an amazing caring knowledgeable man! I have several autoimmune diseases plus rheumatoid arthritis and have had several doctors come my way. Dr Justin Coop is by far one of the best! He was able to put range of motion back in my neck after being locked up for several years! Also correct my posture with different traction and simple exercises!! He goes above and beyond for his patients! He is very helpful with eating habits as well for your overall health!! When you find a doctor with all these qualities it is very rare and I will defiantly be staying with him for as long as it takes or as long as he will have me!! The quality of life that he has help me regain is priceless !!!!!!”  – Traci

“I was truly skeptical of chiropractors until I started seeing Dr. Coop. Now I am one of “those” people who swear by chiropractic care. Dr. Coop is truly passionate about health & wellness and teaching & treating others to be at their best. If I could give him 10 stars I would. It is a joy to go to someone with such a positive outlook on life.”  – Robin

“I think that Dr. Coop is the BEST chiropractor ever! He is driven by his compassion to help people become healthy and live healthier lifestyles. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and witnessed his healing power for 11 years! I don’t think I would be as good as I am, after my stroke, if I hadn’t been under his care.”  – Mary

“Dr Coop is a caring doctor that takes time to listen. He has changed my life to where I can function and enjoy life again.”  – Gwen

Dr. Coop is by far one of the top chiropractors in the area. He genuinely cares for the health of his patients and goes out of his way to help them in any way that he can. On top of this he is absolutely one of the nicest and most endearing men i have ever encountered.”  – Andrew