Kathlyn’s Story….

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Kathlyn’s Story….

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I was always a skinny kid. I ate fruits and vegetables, but I was also able to eat sweets, bread, and pop with no problem. In college, I started having trouble with my stomach and I lost the freshman 15 instead of gaining it! I could set my watch and within a half an hour after eating dinner, I would be in the bathroom, quickly losing it. A few years passed and then I was having the opposite problem where I couldn’t stop gaining weight. The common denominator was that I just didn’t feel good. I had an emergency appendectomy, my gallbladder removed, and still struggled with finding foods that wouldn’t make me sick.

Fast forward to approaching 40, married with two kids and every year gaining weight, being tired, and not feeling good or comfortable with the way I looked. In 2016 The Warrenville Park District advertised a free talk by Dr. Justin Coop who was going to talk about being sick and tired of being sick and tired! Right up my alley. I attended and started to realize that this was a whole different approach to getting healthy. I quickly signed up for a more in-depth evaluation at his office to learn more. What first impressed me was how kind and patient Dr. Coop is. Most doctors see you for 15 minutes and end with writing a script for another prescription. At this point, I have talked with Dr. Coop for hours and he ends each session with a hug.

After preliminary tests, we started slowly changing my diet – cutting out pop, sugar, bread, and eggs, as these are common food problems. We added in fresh vegetables and proteins. At first, I felt awful. But after a few weeks, I already began feeling lighter and clearer. Most importantly he educated me through extensive answers to my questions, whether I was in the office or needed a text on the weekend, through videos, documentaries, and with a small class of adults, looking to feel better as well. He treated me with natural supplements and chiropractic care starting twice a week, going down to once a week and now I am every other week. After a three week detox, I started a very manageable exercise program that I still do three times a week.

The end of September will mark one year since I first met Dr. Coop. I am down 40 pounds and the rest of my numbers have improved too! I have more energy and feel stronger than ever. Food is the fuel for the body. Feed it organic vegetables, meat, and healthy fats and natural carbohydrates, and you are going to feel good. Feed it quick, processed junk, and you will not feel good. I can tell what my diet is according to how I feel and now I have the tools to change it. Thank you, Dr. Coop, for educating me to not just have a healthier diet but a healthier way of life. You have truly changed my life for the better.


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