Giving Back



Giving back to our community

Our shared goal: to shift the way healthcare is delivered and make integrative, holistic, and functional medical approaches the new standard of care. We have the potential to effect this revolutionary change as we treat the “new childhood epidemics.”  But we need your help to make it happen!

What Can I Do to Support The Documenting Hope Project Today?

1) Make a tax-deductible donation.

2) “Like us” and share our page on Facebook.

You can also share the Documenting trailer by pasting the following URL into your Facebook update:

3) Share our trailers and short videos.

Be sure to tell your patients/clients/community all about this project.  You may email these videos out (embed links are below) or show them in your office/clinic or even at a movie screening. Please consider including a link to donate when you share the video. []

Video links:

4) Tell your colleagues and professional organizations about us!

Ideally, we’d love to reach the full membership of the major professional organizations that are going to usher in this new age in health care.  The more integrative, functional and holistic practitioners we can reach, the faster this movement will go.  Please email me at if you would like to help bring our project to your colleagues.

5) Hold a fundraiser/friendraiser for Documenting Hope in your community.

The Documenting Hope Project is a great way to engage people in your community about better ways to prevent and treat chronic illness.  Our team regularly holds fundraisers that are also “friendraisers,” and a way for us to educate people about holistic and integrative approaches to healthcare.  Invite people to an event, show the Documenting Hope trailer, talk about the kind of care you provide in your practice, and ask people in your community to support this work, so we can usher in a new age in healthcare together.  Need help with planning a fundraiser? We may have Documenting Hope Chapter Leaders in your area who can help.  Email me at

6) Lend us your ideas and your network!

We have been working on developing the infrastructure for the Documenting Hope Project for two years and it is now time for the project to take flight!  If you have any ideas on how to help us reach our fundraising goals or how to facilitate its launch, please email me at

  • To learn more about the project, please visit us online:
  • To watch the trailer again, click below!

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support. Let’s do this!

All my best,

Beth Lambert
Executive Director, Epidemic Answers and the Documenting Hope Project