Let’s Stay Hydrated!

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Let’s Stay Hydrated!

June 17th, 2012

The summer season is upon us and it’s time to think about preventing dehydration and heat-related illness. Did you know that about 318 Americans die every year of heat-related illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? The sad …

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Watermelon: The Coolest Summer Snack!

June 14th, 2012
Stay Cool and LovelyWatermelon is an amazing fruit, which can work wonders for your skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer as well as a toner and keeps the skin cool, glowing and fresh.
The Smartest Pick for Losing
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Strange Facts about YOU!

June 7th, 2012

girls laughing and smilingWhen your face blushes, the lining of your stomach turns red, too.

It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe!…

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Can You Hear Me?

June 3rd, 2012

Wearing headphones for an hour increases the bacteria in your ear 700 times.

Your ears secrete more earwax when you are afraid than when you aren’t.

The skin on your lips is 200 times more sensitive than your fingertips.

Pain …

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