7 common mistakes when it comes to eating healthy.

What have I been doing wrong when it comes to eating healthy? Have you asked yourself this question more than once?

Here are 7 common mistakes:eat right

1. Skipping meals, especially breakfast.

2. Thinking that healthy eating cannot be pleasurable and fun.

3. Yo-yo dieting because you follow “diets” that are not a sustainable long term. In addition, they never explain the “why” behind the “how”.

4. Not understanding the motives of the processed-food industry so you are grocery shopping by commercial and the way it made you feel and want to feel when you eat the specific product.

5.Not keeping up with the latest wellness information, try finding information that does not come from orthodox medical and processed-food channels.

6.Truly understanding that wellness is 95% self-care and that you can’t have someone else keep you well. You can have accountability but you must want it more than your accountability. Forming a why and having that present at all times will help you.

7.The main culprit for the obesity and diabetes epidemic we see around us are the foods that contain fructose additives (e.g., high fructose corn syrup)

As you can see it is so easy to not eat right because of all the mixed messages we get from media, from walking into the grocery store to its layout and what our TV commercials are advertising to us. Simply being aware of these common factors will empower you to know this happening and you can make better choices.

Part of our program is we walk you through the grocery store and show what food groups to focus on and what food groups to stay away from. When you start to eat differently sometimes you think you have to eat less when really it’s replacing your food choices.

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